Brief History of the School

The Idea Of A Comprehensive School System, Especially In The Badagry Environment Has Been Nursed By Our Indefatigable Chairman, Mr. T.A. Olawore Of Blessed Memory, For Quite Sometime. Having Been In The Nursery / Primary School Business For More Than Twenty Years and was backed By Brazen Determination, he was propelled to start The Opeyemi Comprehensive High School On The 2nd Of Oct. 1996.

Opeyemi Nursery/Primary School and Comprehensive High school was established on the 3rd of September, 1982 and 2nd of October 1996 respectively by late Mr. & Mrs. T. A Olawore of blessed memories. They were the founding Chairman and Chairperson of the school and educationist to the core. They were purposefully and passionately driven by a vision under the auspices of God to reach out to children and youth alike. The school started like a lit of a candle and now grown into a flame that has produced giant of scholars who could fit into any field of the world.  To God alone is all the Glory.

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