The mission of OGS is geared towards highly developed international co educational  Institutions unlimited by  time  and space that adds value to human nature/existence, thus creating scientific talents for the world through adequate and acceptable human resources development for the 21st century challenges and beyond.


  • To establish a 21st century institution that is competitive and socially responsive.
  • To create human capital through the development of talents and skills.
  • To inculcate the virtues of self- reliance and respect for dignity of labour.
  • To join hands with the government to transform our economy using education as foundation.
  • To create young men and women of sound mind capable of providing the 21st century national leadership.
  • To inculcate in the students the love for the ideals of the OGS in such a way that even after their course, they will continue to fly the banner aloft, particularly under the auspices of the Old Students’ Association.
  • To provide a suitable environment for the parents and guardians of the school to identify themselves fully with the aims and aspirations of the school


To create a total child of sound mind capable of providing the 21st century national leadership and to inculcate the virtues of self reliance and respect for dignity of labour.

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