Admission into Nusery, Primary & Secondary school Procedure.

Admission into the Nursery, Primary and JSS 1 is through competitive entrance examination and oral interview. Candidates are examined in English, Mathematics, Verbal and Quantitative Aptitude and General Knowledge. Admission is offered to the candidates in the middle classes from other reputable secondary schools. Such candidate must produce evidence of good behavior and must pass prescribed placement examinations.

Junior Secondary School (BASIC).

Must possess a good primary school leaving certificate from any recognized and reputable Primary school. For JSS2, he/she must submit a letter of transfer from former school and last examination result.

Senior Secondary School (POST BASIC).

To be eligible for admission into SS 1 (Post Basic 1), the candidate must possess a minimum of JSS3 (Basic Education Certificate) or its equivalent from any recognized institution and or last Report Card from former school.

Further Requirements:

  • Obtain the School’s Admission Form;
  • Seat for School Entry Examination;
  • Attempt an interview;
  • Submit a Letter of Transfer or Transfer Certificate from former school;
  • Submit photocopy of Birth Certificate;
  • Pay up the required Fees and Levies;
  • Sign an Undertaking to be of good behavior.

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